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Portrait of Patagonia - Futaleufú, Chile is a collaboration between Liz McGregor and Alex Nicks. Combining heart stirring images with insightful stories from locals in the Futaleufú River valley in Chile, Portrait of Patagonia - Futaleufú, Chile captures the essence of Chilean Patagonia and takes an intimate look at the people and the place.  Each town throughout Chilean Patagonia is distinct, but all share the beauty of the vast, serene landscape and the renowned warmth of the local people. 

The Futaleufú River is what originally put Futaleufú on the map.  Clean, powerful, singular... the striking clarity of color, the superior quality of the whitewater.   Now that the valley is more easily accessed than ever before, the town and region have become attractions in their own right. Portrait of Patagonia - Futaleufú, Chile pays homage to the tradition, culture and history of this special spot in Chilean Patagonia. 

194 pages, Full color

Published by BoonDocs


Portrait of Patagonia - Futaleufú, Chile

SKU: 364215376135191
    • Publisher : BoonDocs (October 2021)
    • Language : English / Spanish
    • Hardcover : 194 pages
    • ISBN: 978-0-692-14901-0
    • Item Weight : 3 pounds
    • Dimensions : 12.25 x 9.25 x .75 inches
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