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About the Book

Portrait of Patagonia - Futaleufú, Chile is a collaboration between Liz McGregor and Alex Nicks that combines heart stirring images with insightful stories from locals in the Futaleufú River Valley in Chile. This full color photography book captures the essence of Chilean Patagonia. Futaleufú, although distinct, is a reflection of many towns in the far South as it shares the beauty of the vast, serene landscape and the renowned warmth of the local people. 

The lure of the legendary Futaleufú River is what originally put the Valley on the map.  

Clean, powerful, singular... the striking clarity of color and the superior quality of the whitewater make the Futaleufú River a world class destination. It is a place that has kept the steadfast attention of international river runners and adventure seekers for decades. Not only for the river though. It is the people that make this place.  Interspersed throughout the book, portrait photography accompanied by personal interviews invite the reader to have a glimpse into life in Futaleufú.

The valley has become increasingly easy to access and the town and region are now attractions in their own right. A variety of activities and annual events such as the Futaleufú Rodeo, Futa XL whitewater competition and "La Ruta de los Conquistadores" Mountain Bike competition bring more people to the valley every year.  

Portrait of Patagonia - Futaleufú, Chile pays homage to the tradition, culture and history of this special spot in Chilean Patagonia. The book is dedicated to our friends and neighbors in Futaleufú who, graciously and always, open their doors and their hearts and have shared their lives on the pages within. 

A collaboration by Liz McGregor & Alex Nicks

Book Design by David Allen / Render Publications 

Published by BoonDocs 2021

Contributions by Rayno van Heerden, Josiah Q Roe, Jorge Esquival, Derik Pritchett, Rocío González of Futaleufú Riverkeeper and Pía Sasser Villablanca, Social Anthropologist.

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